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Immune Mailing List Archives


Most of the files listed here are archives of posts to the Immune Mailing List. These are named by the first 3 letters of the month and the last 2 numbers of the year; for example: jan92 or mar91. Some months have been broken into more than one file, for example: jun94-II

Some of the other files are explainations of how to use the archives and about the mailing list itself. These files are mostly old and reflect outdated addresses and information. You can also find them on the Immune Homepage.

Note On Confidentiality: The list messages and archives are for private purposes only. You may use them to gain information for yourself, your clients, or a friend/family member. You may not repost any immune message (except for public-type notices about conferences, etc., my general files I post (like this one (FTP), the FAQ list, etc.)). You may send immune messages to individuals who fall into the first sentence's categories. If you wish to use specific immune messages for research purposes (whether acedemic, scientific or other), journalistic purposes, or anything else that is not personal, you must contact the original author of the text and ask her/him for permission. In addition to contacting the author, please keep me informed of any work being done using the archives or the list.

Subject Header Indexes of Posts:

The best way to search the archives for specific topics, or to just see what's there, is to view the subject header files. These are organized chronologically by year. In the future I hope to have indexes of messages by topic. (Only available for 1990-1995)

Archive Sites:

The archives are broken into several parts at the moment. Eventually they will be searchable. Right now you can search early posts from the homepage. Archive files are arranged chronologically only, each file is a month or less. There are also files of subject headers (by year and not complete).

1990-2007 -- Our new archive location

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