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Articles Correlating Abuse and Immune Problems

by Cyndi Norwitz
March 1998

Abuse and Fibromyalgia -- Discusses some of the ways childhood abuse might change the body to make FM more likely or more severe. Part of the Oregon Fibromyalgia Foundation site.

Limbic System Checklist-- A description of the limbic system and abstracts of articles linking abuse to changes in the limbic system and other neurological processes.

The Neurobiology of Traumatic Stress: Relevance to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and the So-called "False Memory Syndromes" -- Part of a Masters in Psychiatry thesis. Summerizes work linking stress to neuro activity and damage.

Post-Traumatic Stress -- Annotated links to articles on PTSD, with many about the physical/neurological effects of trauma.

Posts from Traumatic-Stress List 10/96 -- archives containing many topics. Check out Rossby on plasticity and the article directly after it.

Facts about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Summary of research and a few links by NIH

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