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Safe Bedding and Bed Mattress

by Katherine Clowder
February 1996

First: I am not offering the following as a solicitation - I have no association with the business, just trying to pass on a great resource for organic bedding.

You should consider switching right away to an organic futon. Heart of Vermont is a wonderful company - located in Vermont - been around a while - caters primarily to MCS and EI people. I have priced out organic futons and their's are the best by far - in terms of quality and cost. If you don't mind a hard bed, you could start with a 3" double or queen and then add another 3'" when you can afford it. My wonderful contractor/carpenter made me a wooden platform for my futon - untreated fir and poplar (total cost to me under $300.00 - but it is very simple - on small legst - no headstead or foot board etc. I have not slept so well since getting sick, since tossing my relatively new top of the line Simmons mattress and boxspring.

Heart of Vermont can be reached at: 1-800-639-4123 (but call before 4pm EST). Ask for Linda. It was absolutely worth the investment. Plus, the casing which the futon is made of is also organic (they are the only ones I found who have 100% organic materials in their futons. I think, if you can tolerate a slim futon, it would be well worth the trouble - give your matterss and boxspring to the local homless shelter.

Also, if you decide to stick with the foil: I just got my first intro material from MACI (Massachusetts Association for the Chemically Injured): it contained material on some substitute products - one of which is tape!! Try aluminum or stainless steel adhesive tape (not duct tape).

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