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Martha's Vineyard as a Vacation Spot

by Katherine Clowder
February 199

Try The Outermost Inn - on MV - Gay Head - I would recommend September or October, as the island is too crowded for those of us with MCS and limited financial resources. These people are great, though you won't have your own kitchen. It is a bed/brkfts type - with a dining room up to, I believe, Columbus Day Weekend. Not cheap, but well worth it for a good vaca. They accomodated me and I have MCS - they washed my sheets and towels in hot water, no soap, and dryed wtihout any laundry softener. They also made sure I had a room which had not been used by a smoker, and even then they aired it out well before I came. (they don't allow smoking in the common areas). Small, quite, beautiful views of the ocean from almost every room - as isolated as you can get on the island.

Excellent air quality and a great big porch to sit on, plus terrific nature walks, and the beautiful beaches of Gay Head. Their number: 508-645-3511.

Book at least three or four months in advance even for October, but particularly for a holiday weekend such as Columbus Day weekend. Great people - very peaceful place. Wish I could afford to go back. Let them know your special needs and I am sure they will try to accomodate as much as possible. Hugh and Jeannie Taylor own it. (Hugh is Jame's brother).

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