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The Natural Place, Deerfield Beach, Florida

by Jacki Barineau
February 1996

I'd highly recommend "The Natural Place" in Deerfield Beach, Florida! We recently stayed there while I was undergoing treatment at an Environmental Medicine doctor's office in Boca Raton (just north of Deerfield Beach). It's run by a couple with MCS themselves. It's a 4-unit apartment complex that they completely renovated to accommodate chemically-sensitive people.

They allow no perfumes, smoking, scented products, pesticides, etc. on the entire premises! So you're safe both inside and outside. And they have all 100% cotton bedding, mattresses, futon couches, etc. Nothing toxic about the entire place. They'll clean the rooms with non-toxic cleaners that you are able to tolerate (they ask before you arrive which ones are safe for you). They provide air purifiers, 100% cotton towels, they have ceiling fans in every room of the apartment, and air conditioners in the windows of the kitchen and bedroom. They really make every effort to make your stay pleasant *and* safe!

Also, the apartment is located just one block from the beach! It's a beautiful beach, and the whole surrounding area is very nice with palm trees everywhere - your perfect picture of Florida! Oh - the Natural Place even has organic fruit trees outside that you can pick fruit from if you want!

If you're interested in more info, you can call them at: (305) 428-5438

Joyce and Alan Charney are the owners. Joyce faxed me some newspaper articles written about the place that gives lots of info about it. Not only are the apartments great, but we learned SO much from Joyce about MCS and how to renovate our own home to make it safer for me! The whole experience was just wonderful. If you call, tell Joyce I said hello!

BTW - I am in no way connected to this business! I just wanted to share my experience in staying there! We plan to make it our "safe vacation spot" so I thought it might benefit others!

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