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The Natural Choice and Benjamin Moore Paints

by Katherine Clowder
February 1996

Check out the Catalogue called "The Natural Choice" 800-621-2591 - they distribute a range of milk based paints and stains which are all supposedly non-toxic and tolerable for those of us with MCS/EI. The products are made by LIVOS and BIO SHIELD. There are undercoats, top coats, stain pastest etc. Not cheap, but The Natural Choice is a very responsible company, and they are very very careful with their products. Note, some of these products may be from Germany, so MSDS sheets may not be available.

I know I have tried (in my ignorant years of being sick) Benjamin Moore Latex - and had to stay away for almost a month. I am pessimistic about well known brands that allege to be toxic free. But that is just my experience. P.S. For those who are lucky enough to live in New Mexico (apparently one of the most enlightened states about MCS - at least based upon the posts from mpoinar Re the legistlation recenly adopted) - this is where The Natural Choice is located - Santa Fe to be exact.

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