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Teflon Oxygen Tubing

by Susan Beck
June 1998

Teflon oxygen tubing is an alternative for people who react to regular oxygen tubing. It can be purchased at:

Consolidated Plasitcs Co. Ltd
8181 Darrow Rd.
Twinsburg, Ohio 44087
Phone: 330-425-3900; Fax: 330-425-3333

You must select it exactly as follows (they carry all different sizes). This size fits perfectly into a two inch piece of tygon at each end to attach to the green nipple and to the mask if you use one, because the teflon is too inflexible and smaller so it needs the tygon as it's flexible and larger. Feed in fully to eliminate any smell from tygon. If no mask is required then only one piece of tygon is necessary. Many people put the teflon tube directly into the mouth.

Unit Description Part No
25ft 1/4ID 5/16 OD Flex Tube-TFE 010445LH

I cut the 25 feet, which cost $48.22 U.S., into three pieces. If you don't have two small pieces of tygon for each end, (mask and nipple) you would need to obtain that. It is available from the Environmental Health Foundation in Dallas TX, 214-361-9515.

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