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Poison Ivy Remedy

by Carol Lively
September 1997

Not too long ago, just about the time my husband got poison ivy, a lady posted a poison ivy "recipe" to the Paracelsus mailing list. The only ingredients were fresh lime juice and turmeric.

The turmeric & lime juice were mixed together to form a paste, and then applied to the poison ivy. Kirk found that he couldn't get a paste-like substance (that would stay on well) with just the turmeric & lime juice, so he took some of my clay masque, and added it to the mixture. This resulted in a paste that stayed on well, and the clay might have actually assisted in the drying-out process.

He left the mixture on for about an hour, right before he went to bed. He said that it stopped the itching almost immediately. The next day when he woke up, the poison ivy was completely dried up, and had started to heal.

Of course, the other suggestion of preventing the poison ivy to begin with by applying the jewelweed is a much better idea.

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