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LCVeg is a list to discuss a lowcarb vegetarian diet. You are welcome to join if you have an interest in both these things, though you don't have to be practicing either. People who eat moderate or high carb diets can use this list to find out more about lowcarb. Meat-eaters can join to get ideas for occasional vegetarian meals. All recipes and meal suggestions should be both vegetarian and lowcarb though, even if your diet is not. This is a not a place to debate the worth of lowcarb or vegetarianism. Posts are archived. The list is open to all and unmoderated.

Lowcarb generally means that you are following Atkins or Protein Power and eating fewer than about 50 grams of carbs a day. If you are following any other plan, or no specific plan at all, that is fine but please make sure your posts focus on true lowcarb. Recipes and eating ideas should not contain carby foods, even if you can eat them yourself.

If you don't keep a 100% vegetarian diet you can certainly say so when you talk about yourself but please keep recipes and suggestions vegetarian. Vegans are welcome on this list and I ask that people mark recipes as vegan or not when possible.

Posts that are welcome: recipes, questions, support, suggestions, ideas, product information, weight loss, health, etc.

Posts that are not allowed: debate about whether lowcarb is a good or healthy way to eat, debate about whether vegetarianism is a good or healthy way to eat, chain mail, virus warnings, graphics/photos, attachments, advertisements for your business.

LCVeg is open to all. Please feel free to announce it to your friends or in appropriate places.

Check out the Lowcarb Vegetarian Website at http://www.immuneweb.org/lowcarb/

To Subscribe, Unsubscribe, or Change your Subscription Options, go to: http://lists.sonic.net/mailman/listinfo/lcveg

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