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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Resources

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Referral & Resources -- Extensive resources not available elsewhere. Carbon monoxide poisoning, porphyria, press releases, history of MCS, government policies, and more

Environmental Health Network -- San Francisco Bay Area non-profit organization. Lots of articles and links. Home of the New Reactor newsletter

Fragranced Products Information Network -- Betty Bridges' detailed articles and references. Toxicology information you can't find anywhere else

MCS Online Germany -- Various articles in English and in German

Jacki Barineau's Home Page -- Lots of info on the toxins in perfume, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, etc. Jacki's personal story of disability/MCS/CFS. Links and resources.

Chemical Injury Information Network -- Non-profit organization for people with MCS

MCSurvivors -- Many resource lists

Resources for the Chemically Injured -- Lassen Technologies's extensive resource lists

Nova Scotia's Environmental Illness Online Newsletter -- MCS information for Canadians

MCS/EI/CI Information -- Focus on disability benefits and housing

Earth Angels Association/Health & Environment Resource Center -- Links, articles, message board. Site by Andi DesJardins

BELLE (biological effects of low level exposures) -- Newsletter with medical articles

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities under Siege -- 2000 article by Ann McCampbell, MD

EI/MCS Information, Louisville KY -- Articles and links with a focus on accomodation, including the Jewish Hospital MCS/EI Patient Policy

Yahoo - Health: Diseases and Conditions: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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