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News Reports Discussing September 11th Toxins

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Notes on News Sources
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Table of Contents

September 12:

ABC: Health Hazards Attacks Pose Continued Dangers
NYT: With City Transit Shut Down, New Yorkers Take to Eerily Empty Streets
Reuters: Health Effects of World Trade Dust Cloud May Linger
NYDN: Debris & Death Drape Downtown

September 13:

ABC: Fouled Air? Health Officials Stress Caution, But Say Measured Levels Safe
LAT: Agonizing Search for Survivors
NYT: Challenges and Dangers in Disposing of Two Fallen Giants
New Scientist: Smoke and dust threaten New Yorkers
NYP: Rescuers up against New Peril - Asbestos
NYDN: At The Pit, the Bravest Rescuers Weep and Work
NYDN: Smoke and Stench Cannot Mask the Strength to Rebuild

September 14:

NYT: Monitors Say Health Risk From Smoke Is Very Small
MSNBC: Asbestos Alert How much of the chemical does the World Trade Center wreckage contain?
Reuters: Safety of Breathing in Manhattan Still Uncertain
Reuters (Planet Ark): Safety of breathing in Manhattan still up in air
FOX: Asbestos Could Have Saved WTC Lives
CounterPunch: Chemical War in Manhattan (from Aftershocks)
NYP: Asbestos in Dust from the Collapse
MSNBC: Cloud of acrid air haunts New Yorkers Many concerned about potential health woes
CNN: CDC, EPA: Little risk to public from sites
NYDN: A Fight vs. Steel, Despair & Weather Rescuers press on valiantly, despite odds

September 15:

Natural Health Line: The World Trade Center Attack: Will the Environmental Impacts Harm Even More?
Globe & Mail: 'That's a major, major toxic soup'

September 16:

Newsday: TERRORIST ATTACKS /Asbestos Targeted In Cleanup Effort

September 17:

Reuters (Planet Ark): UPDATE: Safety of breathing in Manhattan still uncertain
NYDN: Lower Manhattan Goes Back on the Job Today: Stock exchange, many businesses will reopen
September 18:

NYT: HAUNTING QUESTION: Did the Ban on Asbestos Lead to Loss of Life?
Nando Times: Dust from World Trade Center collapse tested for health effects
NYP: N.Y. Can Breathe Free
NYT: Anguish and Frustration for Doctors With No One to Treat
NYT: Dust Is a Problem, but the Risk Seems Small
NO: Dust from World Trade Center collapse tested for health effects

September 19:

BBC: New York health fears
NYDN: Job Is Back-Breaking, Heartbreaking for Heroes
NYDN: Sad and Slow Sifting Tons of wreckage scrutinized at S.I. landfill

September 20:

NYT: For Asthmatic Children, an Extra Health Burden
NYT: It's Going to Take More Than Elbow Grease
NYT: Cleanup Specialists
BW: What's Lurking in That Smoke?

September 23:

NYDN: Fearful Tenants Fight to Break Leases: They want out of Battery Park

September 24:

ENS: Moving The Weight of the World Trade Center

September 25:

WSJ: EPA Is Doubted on Testing at Attack Site

September 26:

MSNBC: Uneasy breathing: As the dust settles in New York, concerns linger about health risks in the air
VV: The Dust May Never Settle

September 27:

Reuters: U.S. to Test Subways Against Chemical Attack

September 28:

NYDN: Health Hazards in Air Worry Trade Center Workers
NYDN: Debris Can Aggravate Lung, Asthma Woes
NYDN: Stuyvesant HS Planning Stringent Tests for Asbestos

September 29:

NYDN: Traces of Asbestos Further Setback for HS: Findings could delay Stuyvesant reopening
NYDN: State Workers Flee WTC Smoke
NYDN: Asbestos in Ground Zero Air Generally Safe, EPA Shows

October 1:

MSNBC: The Cleanup: Ground Zero: An Environmental Disaster
NYT: 20 Days Later, an Invisible Reminder Lingers

October 3:

MSNBC: U.S. finds no significant health hazards at World Trade Center
NYDN: Air Near Ground Zero Is Rated Safe by Feds

October 5:

PA: Environment risks seen low at New York attack sites
NYT: Levy Tries to Calm Fears About Air Quality Near Ruins
MSNBC: Is Ground Zero Safe? New study suggests more asbestos at disaster site than previously revealed

October 9:

NYT: Students Set to Return to Stuyvesant Near Disaster
PA: Removal of Trade Center rubble a monumental task

October 10:

ENN: Some still fear environmental hazards near World Trade Center site
PA: WTC cleanup triggers safety, cost allegations

October 11:

NYT: THE AIR QUALITY: Contaminants Below Levels for Long-Term Concerns
NYT: Under the Grit and Ash, a Garden Endures

October 12:

NYT: The One-Month Anniversary of Sept. 11 Is Framed by Everyday Reminders

October 13:

NYT: Slowed by Site's Fragility, the Heavy Lifting Has Only Begun

October 15:

PA: Ultra-fine asbestos a concern for WTC work crews
NYT: Attacks Expose Telephone's Soft Underbelly

October 16:

WP: Cleanup Hazards At Ground Zero An Ongoing Worry: Union Provides Hazmat Training on Site
NYT: After Attacks, Studies of Dust and Its Effects

October 17:

NYDN: Stuyvesant Students Sickened: Parents cite headaches & breathing problems

October 18:

NYDN: Stuyvesant Under Scrutiny: Levy sending experts to find cause of ailments

October 19:

CNN: Students near ground zero worry about smoke

October 21:

NYT: THE LANDFILL: Sifting Mountains of Debris for Slivers of Solace

October 22:

NYT: Dust Settles and Retailer Is Set to Face the Crisis
SLT: Utah Company Sniffs Out Hazards in N.Y. NEW!

October 23:

NYT: 1 LIBERTY PLAZA: Office Tower Near Rubble Can't Reopen on Deadline NEW!

October 25:

Newsday: Questions About Safety of Workers NEW!

October 26:

NYDN: A Toxic Nightmare At Disaster Site: Air, water, soil contaminated NEW!
NYDN: Feds: Rescue Workers Not Protected NEW!

Notes on news sources:

Newspapers News Television
NYT - New York Times, articles are free for one week (registration required), then there is a charge to read them. They have a special Attack on America section; New York Times Magazine has a special edition
LAT - Los Angeles Times
NYP - New York Post
Newsday (New York City)
The Globe and Mail - Canadian Newspaper
NYDN - New York Daily News - Special section for coverage in first 2 weeks
WSJ - Wall Street Journal
NO - The News & Observer - Raleigh, North Carolina
WP - Washington Post
SLT - Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)
Reuters - International news source
PA - Planet Ark Environmental News - Reuters Daily World Environment News. Daily headlines
ENN - Environmental News Network
ABC - ABC News
BBC - British Broadcasting Company
MSNBC - NBC News and their cable version. Also Newsweek
Fox News
CNN - Cable News Network
Magazines Online  
CounterPunch - Far left political commentary magazine run by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair
MSNBC - NBC News and their cable version. Also Newsweek
Nando Times - Online news source
Natural Health Line
New Scientist

Alternative news sources (I am not familar with all of these):
National Public Radio
Independent Media Center and NYC - Comprehensive coverage and a link to this site & here & here
American Prospect: http://www.prospect.org/
Middle East News Online: http://www.middleeastwire.com/
American Friends Service Committee: http://www.afsc.org/nomore.htm
Nonviolence Web: http://www.nonviolence.org/
Working Assets: http://www.workingforchange.com/
PR Watch Spin of the Day -- By the people who brought you Toxic Sludge is Good for You
Alexander Cockburn: http://www.counterpunch.org/
The Nation: http://www.thenation.com/ & 9/11 Links
ZNet (Z magazine): http://www.zmag.org/
Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting: http://www.fair.org/
Progressive: http://www.progressive.org/
AlterNet: http://www.alternet.org/
Utne Reader: http://www.utne.com/
Mother Jones: http://www.motherjones.com/
Media Channel: http://www.mediachannel.org/
Common Dream NewsCenter: http://www.commondreams.org/

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