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Book on Sick Building Syndrome: Healthy School Handbook

by Rennie Taylor
January 1996

I wrote to the National Education Association on-line regarding their publication on Sick Building Syndrome and received the following response. I'm *assuming* that interested non-members can purchase from them at the regular price. FWIW.

You can call our order desk at 800-229-4200 to order the Healthy School Handbook. The Price for NEA members is $21.95 plus shipping and handling. The Handbook is a comprehensive 456-page manual on identifying and conquering sick school building syndrome. (regular price $24.95). Soon our NEA Professional Library online store will be up and running. Plan on visiting us to see our other exciting new products.

[Note: You can find the Healthy School Handbook and other books for sale at the Immune Marketplace Bookstore. Or go direct to amazon.com.]

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