Disability Caucus
of the United States Green Party
Invitation to Join the Disability Caucus

Disability Caucus
The Disability Caucus is an Identity Caucus of the United States Green Party. Once we are accredited, we will have the same status as state parties do within the Green Party (except that we can not cast a vote for our presidential nominee). There are several other Identity Caucuses, including Black, Latino, Women, and Lavender.

Verified Members:

Please join us by becoming a verified member aka a voting member. We need 100 verified members, spread out over at least 15 states, in order to be accredited as a Caucus. As of January 2008, we have 100 people in 25 states (but we need more to be sure of meeting the total).

To be a verified member you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be registered to vote as a Green in your US State; OR (if your state does not have a Green Party or you are not eligible to vote) be connected to the Green Party in some tangible way (fairly flexible).
  2. Be a person with a disability. We may allow some non-disabled voting members but so far have not made that decision.
  3. Agree to follow major discussions and participate in votes.
  4. Send your information to our Membership Committee at dg-mem@immuneweb.org. We will need your legal name, snail mail address, email address, phone number, date of birth, connection to the Green Party (are you registered Green?), and if you are disabled or a friend of the disabled community. This information is for internal Green Party use only and will not be made public. If you are joining as an adjunct member (a nonvoting friend of the Caucus), please let the membership committee know. If you aren't sure if you want to become a verified member, just let them know that too.

Adjunct Members:

If you do not qualify as a verified (voting) member but want to be part of the Caucus, we welcome you to join the mailing list and participate in the discussions. Please let the Membership Committee know who you are and that you are an adjunct member. We require your real name and a brief description of why you are here. Adjunct members include people living outside the United States, those whose hearts are Green but who are not part of the Green Party at this time, and people who are not themselves disabled (or do not qualify if we offer expanded membership).

Disabled Greens Mailing List:

Our discussions and votes take place on the Disabled Greens mailing list. If possible, please join this list. We average 1-4 messages a day, but this can vary a lot. The list is to discuss Caucus business and related activism work only. We are not a disability support group.

To join the Disabled Greens mailing list:

Please go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/disabledgreens/
Or send email to disabledgreens-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
For more information, contact Cyndi Norwitz at cyndi@tikvah.com

Disabled Greens Votes Mailing List:

This is an announcement list for official caucus business only (no discussion). This is where votes and other important items will go. Only the list moderators can post. Nothing will go here that won't also be on Disabled Greens. If you do not have the energy to keep up with the regular Disabled Greens list, you can join Disabled Greens Votes to make sure you won't miss anything important.

If you join this list, please also join Disabled Greens as at least a Special Notices subscriber so you will be able to read posts on the webpage (or switch back to receiving posts) when you wish to follow a particular discussion.

To join the Disabled Greens Votes mailing list:

Please go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/disabledgreensvotes
Or send email to disabledgreens-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
For more information, contact Cyndi Norwitz at cyndi@tikvah.com

Non-Internet Members:

We recognize that some potential members will not be able to have internet access, either for financial reasons or due to their disability. We encourage everyone who can get internet access (it's free at the public library) to take advantage of it, but if you can't, we would still like to have you be a member of this Caucus.

To join as a non-internet member, please use one of the following contact people and give them all the information for verification (see list above). You will be able to choose phone, TTY, or snail mail contact, though it will make it easier if you are able to do more than one. You will be assigned another member (if you don't already know one) who will keep you up to date on discussions and can even send in a proxy for your votes.

We are still working out these details so please be patient.

Contact People:

Email (mailing lists, website, general questions):

Cyndi Norwitz at cyndi@tikvah.com

Email (membership committee and verification questions):

Erica Freeman at dg-mem@immuneweb.org

Voice Telephone:

Ruthanne Shpiner at (510) 524-9680 (Pacific Time). Weekdays late morning/noon, weekends anytime before 5 PM.

Heidi Friedman at 617-666-7816 (Eastern Time). Noon-8:00 pm.

TTY Telephone:

Sharon Wachsler at (413) 625-9820 (Eastern Time). TTY calls only. Includes TTY answering machine. Please allow time for me to switch over from voice to TTY.

Snail Mail:

Green Party Disability Caucus, attn: Heidi
c/o Havurat Shalom
113 College Ave, Somerville MA 02144



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