Disability Caucus
of the United States Green Party
Caucus Meetings

Disability Caucus

We are in the process of setting up regular telephone and internet meetings. We also meet once a year at the Green Party annual gathering.

Telephone Meetings:

We need a volunteer to set up telephone conferencing, probably once a month, to alternate with Internet Meetings.

Internet Meetings:

Too much? Just use the EASY METHOD below -- NO LONGER WORKS

First Wednesday of every month
Meetings last 2 hours
Start time: 6pm Pacific Time/9pm Eastern Time
(feel free to use at any time)

Meetings will take place once a month on IRC (Internet Relay Chat).
Server: kechara.sorcery.net
Channel: #dg
More Connection Information
General Information about IRC

How to join using IRC software on your computer:

  • If you have a Mac, go to http://www.ircle.com/download.shtml and download the IRC program called Ircle. Just double click on the program after download to get started.
  • If you have a PC, try the program mIRC. They have versions for Windows 95 or better, as well as for older versions of Windows. Go to: http://www.mirc.co.uk/get.html
  • If you're running a Linux box, try X-Chat for UNIX/Linux running X Server. Go to: http://www.xchat.org/download.html (they also have a Windows version).

  • Once you have installed and opened the IRC software, set up a connection. Put in the username of your choice and the server kechara.sorcery.net.
  • Once you're on the server, type the following (do not leave out the slash or the number sign): /join #dg

How to join using a text-only interface:

  • You need to install a Console IRC Client. The most popular of them is BitchX for UNIX/Linux consoles - windows ports of this exist. Go to: http://www.bitchx.org/download.php
  • Once you have installed and started up the software, type /server irc.sorcery.net on the command line. Then type: /join #dg

How to join using an interface for the blind:

  • If you are blind and using emacspeak, you may want to use ERC, the Emacs Relay Client. It is prepackaged for many distributions of GNU-Linux and will work with the Windows version of Emacs as well. There are also other IRC clients written for Emacs you may wish to explore.


How to join using your web browser:

When you click on this link, there will be a popup box asking you to enter a nickname. Put anything you wish. If it's taken, it will ask you for another choice. Then you'll see a large box on your screen, with a smaller box below it. Use the mouse to put the cursor in the small box. Type and hit return when you are done. The text should show up in the large box.

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