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Green Party of the United States

Katrina Disaster Community Support -- Green Party of New Jersey. This is intended to be a sort of "switchboard" to connect resources to needs. There are forms for folks in the Katrina-affected areas to enter needs and forms for community organizers to let us know of "stuff" drop-off points and other activities and forms to donate stuff or volunteer.

Minnesota Coalition to Aid Hurricane Katrina Survivors -- 651 210-0789

North Serves South http://www.northservessouth.com 763-427-0212
Mission from Minnesota http://www.missionfromminnesota.org 651 255-2184
Muslim Youth Movement
Green Parties of Minnesota, Wisconson, New Jersey, and Illinois

Giving relief: Local efforts raise money and seek housing for hurricane victims
New Paltz Times, September 8, 2005

New Paltz deputy mayor Rebecca Rotzler
Village Hall, 255-0130, or at home, 255-3122 or write to her at RebeccaRotzler@villageofnewpaltz.org.
Rotzler has been organizing local volunteers to help with the Florida Green Party's efforts to establish a campground in the northern region of that state for those made homeless by the hurricane. "We're setting it up for 50 to 100, though if it gets bigger, that's all right. Our objective is to put people there and make sure they're healthy, and to provide computers and phones, so they can have access to do whatever they need to, in terms of contacting family members," she explains...Rotzler is also working, together with New Paltz town board member Kitty Brown, to find temporary homes for the victims. "I've talked to Kitty, and we've determined that people should expect a commitment of up to three months," Rotzler adds. A woman in New Jersey has already offered her home, and Rotzler is hoping for others to come forward as well. "Also, for those who are volunteering to work at the camp itself, we're going to look for a local physician to give vaccinations to people before they go down, if they request," Rotzler adds.

Sites Recommended by the Green Party:

National LGBT Youth and Family Groups Establish Hurricane Katrina LGBT Relief Fund


Making Shelters Safe for Transgender Evacuees -- From The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE)

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