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BioChoice Immune 26

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Used or new, this is the place to sell what you have. Our focus is on merchandise suitable for people with multiple chemical sensitivities, allergies, or other disabilities. All ads placed by individuals looking for items or getting rid of things they own and no longer want are free. Businesses buying or selling merchandise (including tiny home businesses) should use the paid ads under For Sale or Wanted (commercial). All other businesses should use the paid ads under Services.

For Sale
For Sale or Wanted (commercial)

For sale:

17' LONG AIRSTREAM, all work completed by Tad Taylor. Main room: tile floor, two ash wood bed frames, air conditioning, several interior lights, wall-mounted electric panels and phone jack, mini fridge, hot plate, kitchen sink, kitchen counter and metal storage shelves. Bathroom: tile floor, toilet, small bathtub with showerhead, water heater, electric fuse box, metal storage shelves. Extra insulation. Located in North-western Wisconsin. $34,000. 651-895-0949 or erik@harmonycedar.com. (4/21/07-10/21/07)


NEED SAFE CHEAP CAR in San Francisco Bay Area. Looking for something reliable that does not need constant work (specific work is fine if the price reflects that). Must be automatic transmission. Four doors and working A/C both big pluses. No pesticide use, regular users with fabric softener, air freshener, the usual. Pet hair and mild mold both okay. We don't care about color or body damage. In $2000 range. Contact car@tikvah.com. (4/4/07)

LOOKING FOR ANY SORT OF SAFE MOBILE LIVING SPACE (van, RV, trailer, etc.) available in the greater New York area. Hoping that someone can help me out. I'm in Garrison, NY, and can be reached by email - mwhyatt@optonline.net - or phone - (845) 424-3525. Anyone with suggestions is free to call. Many thanks! Matt. (11/6/05)



For Sale or Wanted (commercial):

EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE, YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM STANDS BETWEEN YOU AND DEATH. It took two fortune 50 companies, $50 million dollars and 20 years in research and development, but it's finally here. We have the clinical trials and hard data to prove it. That new technology is Biotechnology. This is about an affordable product that everyone needs. A product that lives up to its claims, and is backed by a quality company steeped in integrity. If you want to feel better than you ever have, if you want the youthful energy you miss, if you want to sleep like a baby again, if you want to increase your overall sense of well being, if you want freedom from worry about future potential health problems, start using this product today. That's what Biochoice Immune 26 has done for me. This is the real deal folks! http://www.biochoiceonline.com/cc - http://www.legacyforlife.net/conicecil - coni@biochoiceonline.com - mccecil@webshoppe.net. (11/12/01-5/12/02)

SIMMONS NATURAL BODYCARE - Natural & nontoxic products to make everyday healthier and more pleasurable. We have fragrance-free soaps, lotions, shampoos, haircare, personal care and more. Bodycare tools, books, and organic cotton feminine hygiene products. See us at http://simmonsnaturals.com. (9/6/01-9/6/02)

ARM YOURSELF AGAINST AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES. Don't lose the war; balance and support your immune system with BioChoice. Combats bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, cell mutations. Clinical trials demonstrate benefits. Patented. Visit us at our website at http://legacyusa.com/mmt. (8/14/01-2/14/02)
VIRTUALLYSCENTLESS.COM SELLS FRAGRANCE FREE AND UNSCENTED PRODUCTS FOR SENSITIVE SKIN NEEDS. Come shop with people who know what it's like to be sensitive skinned! For mail-order catalog send info to PO box 1056, Fort Bragg, CA 95437 or call 707-964-0860. (8/14/01-2/14/02)






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