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What's New on the Immune Homepage

12/23/07: The mailing lists have moved to a new server. Please see the lists page for details.

[2003-2007]: Many updates I failed to record here.

5/10/03: Updated my Intro to MCS article and moved it from a now defenct medical site to Immune Web.

4/23/03: Added an article: Reduction of autistic traits following dietary intervention and elimination of exposure to environmental substances, by Karen M. Slimak.

9/13/01: I created a page to talk about the toxic effects of the terrorist attacks on the United States.

8/1/01: We have completely revamped the classifieds section to include commercial ads along with the free ones. Both are clearly marked. If you'd like to advertise on Immune Web, you can use the classifieds submissions forms to put in a line ad within the classifieds (some free, some paid), a banner ad in the classifieds (replacing the old Immune Marketplace), or a banner ad on the tops of most pages throughout the Immune Web.

3/19/01: LCVeg (Lowcarb Vegetarians) is currently back up at a new site.

1/13/01: Immune-Survivors is currently back up at a new site. Immune-Admin, and LCVeg are still down.

1/02/01: The Resources page has been completely updated. I checked all the links, added new categories, and added dozens of new links.

10/3/00: Immune is currently back up at a new site. Immune-Survivors, Immune-Admin, and LCVeg are still down.

9/28/00: All of the mailing lists at best.com, including Immune, Immune-Survivors, Immune-Admin, and LCVeg, are currently down. Best.com pulled the plug Wednesday, Sept 28, 2000 with no warning whatsoever, leaving listowners in the lurch. I will find an alternative place to host the lists very soon so keep posted! If you're currently subscribed to any of these lists, I will make sure you get subscribed at any new site.

11/17/99: The owner of Immune Web is launching a commercial site, a new online store selling natural and organic products not available elsewhere. Tikvah -- Hebrew for Hope. Please answer the survey and receive a coupon for $2 off your first order. We want your opinions on what to sell and how to handle/ship it safely. http://www.tikvah.com/

5/17/99: Revamped the Classified Ads page; divided it into subpages.

4/18/99: Added new book sections: Chiropractic and Sustainability.

3/30/99: Moved all the books for sale over from consultclarity.com. Reorganized them so you can actually find things and added a bunch of pictures, MCS books, and a section on CFS.

2/21/99: Added a section on Vegetarian Lowcarb Dieting

1/26/99: Moved and updated the Subscription page.

1/19/99: Immune now has a free Classified Ads page.

1/19/99: Have been revamping the entire site. Watch for changes and ignore the temporary glitches.

12/14/98: Added a page for Nontoxic Gift Ideas.

12/5/98: Immune now has its own domain name, immuneweb.org. All the old best.com addresses will continue to work.

10/17/98: Went through every link on the Resources page and removed ones that don't work and updated the addresses and descriptions of the rest.

10/7/98: Revamped the Info page and standardized all the articles.
Added an article on Sinusitis.

8/19/98: Updated article on Tips for Anesthetics and Hospitalization.

7/25/98: Added article on Saline Nasal Wash.

6/15/98: Added articles on Tips for Anesthetics and Hospitalization and Teflon Oxygen Tubing.

6/13/98: Added a chart showing the Chinese Clock.

6/1/98: Added an article on Organic Rose Care.

5/23/98: I've discovered the workaround for Hotmail users to subscribe to the list properly and placed an article linked from the subscription directions.

5/22/98: Added an article on Detox Methods.

5/10/98: Added an article on Lifemaster 2000 paint.

4/27/98: Added the Organic Lawn Care Guide.

4/2/98: Added Stephanie's Story, a page on a child with MCS

2/4/98: Continuing to add links to the Resources page and articles to the Info page.

1/22/98: Added links to the Resources page and fixed broken links on the archive page as well as changing archive ftp locations around.

1/18/98: Revamped the Info page and added articles.

1/16/98: Went through every link on the Resources page and removed ones that don't work and updated the addresses and descriptions of the rest. Mailing lists are now in their own category, though that page isn't done yet.

1/2/98: I've added an advertising section I call the Immune Marketplace. It is not directly affiliated with the Immune Homepage and has no connection at all to MCS R&R.

9/8/97: Began a new page providing References to Bay Area Professionals. Access it from the Info page.

8/16/97: Fixed the counter which had been broken since the move to best.com's new machines. Made a guess that 5000 people have visited in the last 5 months.

5/13/97: Added a list of Fragrance Chemicals to Info page.

4/19/97: Added the category MCS to the Resources page, for general MCS sites.
- Updated some other resources links.

4/13/97: Fixed some internal links and graphics on product information pages.
- Created a new page on searching the web for information pulled out of the resources page.

3/23/97: Fixed the links on the archive page so they work. Fixed other links to FTP files.

1/31/97: Updated the subscription page to reflect the new addresses.
- Changed most of the web pages so that links and graphics work.

11/30/96: Immune is moving to best.com in December. Announcement made on main page and subscribe page. More info to come.

9/18/96: Updated the archives page.

9/8/96: Added a page describing subscription policy and changed corresponding references within the other webpages.

6/27/96: Added some sites to the Resources page

3/25/96: Counter is working now, but I had to guess the number of hits since 3/17 to today

3/22/96: Best.com moved all their FTP and WWW files to a new machine a short while ago. Currently, that only affects the counter on the immune homepage and the "mirror" archive site (contains all the 1990-1994 archive files). The URL's were supposed to remain the same but some changed. The counter is still not working and the archive URL is now: http://www.best.com/~cnorman/archives/
- Immune is now listed in Yahoo!

3/18/96: Added Blazing Tattles articles: Oil use; GWS; haze; clouds.

3/17/96: Added Blazing Tattles articles: Environmental Illness (and updated BT index)

3/7/96: Added some sites to the Resources page
- Updated the FTP and WWW Instructions file

3/6/96: Products section on the info page: Laundry Disks, Bedding, Dental Stitches, Filter Masks

3/3/96: This page :-).
- Added the first pages for the products section on the info page: carpeting and Healthy Homes from a CFS and MCS Perspective.

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